Medical Shredding

Keeping track of hundreds, if not thousands of patient files can be difficult at times. There are so many things to keep in mind, and you always want to make sure that all of your patient's information is secure. When it is time to get rid of someone's information, it can be difficult to decide the best way to destroy their file. You absolutely don't want to just throw anything with secure information on it away.  Not only do you need to make sure that you follow all HIPAA guidelines, but you also want to take care of your business ethically. We have all heard the stories about businesses getting into trouble for not disposing of their records the correct way. The best way for you to make sure that your information is being destroyed is to have a shredding company help you. Here in Dallas we offer affordable medical shredding services.

medical records

Shred companies follow all HIPAA guidelines, and make sure to handle your documents in a way that makes your company comfortable.  Shred trucks can come on a regular basis to help you dispose of your records, or you can call a truck out anytime you like. Shredders can also make sure to shred everything right in front of you so that you have peace of mind that everything was taken care of properly. Once all of your paperwork gets shredded, they make sure to recycle everything for you, and also give you a certificate of destruction for your records.  If you are ready to get your practice's records handled in a safe way, give us a call!