Corporate Security

Where does corporate security start?

 It starts with, “Who is in the building?”  If access to the building is provided to random members of the public plus every employee, the “security problem” is obvious.  Perhaps specific areas can be sealed off from the general public., But the question remains, “Who is in the specific area?”  

 The access problem is typical within the United Stares because we live in a very open society and it is counter to our culture to restrict access.   It’s also counter to our culture to “check out” individuals. . For example, it’s considered an invasion of privacy to inquire about a criminal past and even to probe about past employment.  Moreover it’s almost impossible to find out if someone is gathering “competitive intelligence.”

About the best we do, is tell people confidential information “on a need to know basis,” lock buildings and protect them with security systems at night, lock desks at the end of day, put daily records into locked security containers for shredding, shred records at annual purges, and cross our fingers. 

We’ve come along way from dumpster diver wars at the back of banks, but corporate intelligence gathering and identity theft are destined to be with us for a long time.   “Who is in the building?” remains an unanswered question for almost every organization outside of the military or defense industry.